Koolatron 45-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cellar Review

If you’re on the lookout for a large-capacity wine cooler that will store your red, white and other wines at their optimal pre-decanting temperatures, this Koolatron 45-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cellar review is just for you. Read on to discover how an increased wine storage capacity never has to give way to top-class contemporary design standards and consistently good functionality.

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45-bottle dual zone wine cellar review

For a large capacity wine cooler of up to 45 bottles, the design is worth mentioning as a definite plus. It can be pretty challenging to achieve that air of contemporary design-sophistication with any cooler that houses more than 30 bottles, but hats-off to the Koolatron designers for managing with this unit. It has a black cabinet, which you naturally cannot go wrong with, but the dark tempered glass which results in a dark cooling compartment(s) interior is accentuated with a soft light. This achieves quite a unique-looking presentation. A digital temperature display and control unit makes for a great finish.


This feature-filled wine cellar isn’t all looks and no power. Many of its aesthetically enhancing features double-up to deliver some very useful functionality, like the insulated glass door.

This cooler comes with a one year product warranty, covering what is a well-built unit that is largely made up of Aluminum and plastic to house the essential electronic components. It weighs in at 95 lbs and takes up a volume of 47.5″ (H) x 18.5″ (W) x 17.5″ (D). The 45 bottles it houses in two independently controlled cooling compartments are optimally chilled by the powerful compression-based cooling system, easily monitored with an LED temperature display.


This 45-bottle wine cellar by Koolatron is so powerful that it can be likened to a refrigerator. There are some environmental footprint implications with regards to refrigerants used in any cooling device, but in this case and with this particular cooler it’s a case of putting performance above everything else. That said however, owners of this cellar don’t have to feel bad about its environmental impact at all. It really isn’t bad at all; the argument is that there are cooling technologies out there which offer a little bit more environmental friendliness, but perhaps aren’t as powerful as this cooler. Nobody will have any reasonable justification to blame you for the widening hole in the ozone layer or for any form of climate change as the environmental impact of this cellar is negligible.

Moving on to the important information you’d find useful in order to make your buying decision, this cooler’s most striking feature is indeed its colossal capacity of up to 45 bottles. Champagne lovers and wine enthusiasts whose taste goes beyond standard red and white wines will be happy to know that they can fit larger bottles if they re-arrange the shelves and still have a lot of space. The sheer power of compression cooling coupled with refrigerants outputs a cooling range of 45 to 54 degrees Fahrenheit in the unit’s upper zone, while the lower zone has a complementary range of 54 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. This naturally suggests that your whites would go in the upper zone and your reds in the lower zone, both of which varieties are always ready and waiting to be decanted immediately. 20 bottles fit in the upper cooling zone while the lower cooling zone houses 25. The racks are easily adjustable and the unit even has a convenient storage basket, which is perhaps the best space to store some of your taller and fatter bottles.

This unit has no problem maintaining the set temperatures and we attribute this to the compressor it uses for the cooling process. Some considerate operational details also suggest that this unit was in-part designed by people who are wine enthusiasts themselves. You get some subtle practicalities you may not even take notice of, like how the pear-like shape of racks and the fact that they gently tilt downwards when you pull them out protect even your larger bottles from even the tiniest of bumps and impact.


  • This is a very spacious wine cellar with a whopping 45-bottle capacity, so you can probably fit all your wines and even some bigger bottles like Champagnes, Rieslings, Gewurztraminers, etc.
  • You can choose to have the temperature display in either degrees Fahrenheit or degrees Celsius, a very handy feature if you’re particularly fond of some exotic wines with storage instructions denominated in geo-specific measurement units (like exclusive French wines in particular)
  • Very consistent in holding the internal temperature set by the user
  • Has a nice contemporary design to it which so far proves to go well with just about any interior space
  • Dual temperature zones are always a plus, allowing for the optimal, simultaneous storage of reds, whites and other wine varieties like sparkling wines, etc.
  • The shelves can be removed and re-arranged to easily fit bigger bottles or just present the display of your bottles differently. Removable shelves are also easy to clean
  • The easy-read and easy-use LED temperature display and control unit makes chilling your wines a real breeze


  • It would have been a nice (spelled “logical”) touch to have the shelves retain their ability to slide out completely while loaded with bottles. This isn’t possible, but it’s perhaps not too much of an inconvenience unless you’re going to re-arrange your wines every other day
  • When this cellar is running its noise levels let you know that it has a standard compression-based cooler, which is presumably okay since it is indeed a large cooler with a large capacity

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If your main objective is to purchase a wine cooler that will offer a lot convenience in keeping a good number of your favorites optimally chilled, we trust that this Koolatron 45-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cellar review has addressed your most pressing considerations. This cellar’s sheer capacity comes together with its conveniently re-arrangeable shelves to ensure you can chill bigger champagne bottles in addition to the more standard red and white wines. We’re definitely fans of dual-zone cooling for the obvious reasons of being able to independently set different temperatures for optimal chilling of different types of wines, but it goes further than that with this cooler. A total of 45 bottles is a large capacity and this comes together with the cooler’s good build-quality, making it a great companion even for serious wine collectors with delicate/vintage bottles.